Why Organic SEO?

There are many reasons why Organic SEO is so important for your website and your online marketing.

Organic SEO for so important, here why…

Organic is simply better for delivering relevant quality traffic and visitors to your company website and its services and products.

Facebook/Social media and paid ads might be traffic generators, but they are not customer creators. The bounce rates are very high with most visitors leaving after viewing one page etc and the number of pages visited is often generally very low overall.

Organic is very different, matching keywords and search phrases to user intent means you may be present in many searches. The visitors will find your website and are more likely to stay. Organic users are still and always will be your best long-term customers/clients. They have lower bounce rates and more pages visited, and they are more likely to return again and again. So if you want to sell something or a service or gain brand awareness, organic SEO is the way to go.

Organic SEO offers a far better return on investment than any other SEO. AdWord and Facebook campaigns can be very expensive when driving traffic to your website. Organic SEO is a fraction of the cost and once things are set up correctly, management and maintenance are simple and easy to run.

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